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Collaboration by Design

Collaborators Welcome!

Who Should attend? Change agents, thought leaders, and people who believe ideas can improve our world—imagine 400 collaborators connecting on March 12, 2015 at the Knickerbocker Theatre in Holland, Michigan. It’s a single day, with every detail carefully designed. The speakers, environment, and even badges will be meticulously curated to create the best possible event.

You may find our practice of audience selection unusual, but it is very similar to the process we used to select our event speakers. Our attendee selection process ensures that attendees inspire and educate each other as well. We are very conscious of our responsibility to select audience members who are as intriguing and amazing as the people on the stage. Our goal is to have an audience that we consider participants, not just spectators.

Invitations to TEDxMacatawa will be extended on an individual basis and invitees are allowed to purchase only one seat to the event. An invitation is for you alone. It is an invitation to become part of a very special community of people for one day. We are inviting you to be inspired and to inspire others.

To simplify the selection process, we will ask prospective attendees to fill out an application form. Your effort here will demonstrate your commitment to participating in the event. The online application will be available on January 5. If you would like additional information on the participant-curation process please review our FAQ page on the website. We suggest that you apply early.

All people interested in attending TEDxMacatawa must request an invitation to the event by filling out an application here on the TEDxMacatawa website starting January 5, 2015. Invitations to purchase a ticket to TEDxMacatawa will be given by the TEDxMacatawa team via e-mail. Once an invitation to purchase a ticket is received, a ticket can be immediately purchased through the Eventbrite invitation.

The Application Period for TEDx Macatawa has Closed

If you have received an invitation please be sure to register through Eventbrite by end of day March 5th. If you aren’t registered to attend but would still like to view the Talks, please visit the homepage and watch the Live Feed of the event on March 12!